Summer Road Trips: Ideas & Inspiration

Summertime is on the horizon! Are you planning a vacation with the kids? Have you considered a roadtrip? Save some cash, enjoy the open road and explore on your own schedule. Then, feel the pulse of the community. Download the GoStrive mobile app to discover activities and events happening in each city you visit.

We’ve collected a few ideas and inspiration for  road trips in each region:

greatriverroadThe Great River Road: Follow the Mississippi from start to finish! This road trip will lead you through the heart of the river industry. Experience the 10 states that border the beautiful river, take in the wildlife, and taste the local flavors. Get all of the details for this adventure, here.

PCHPacific Coast Highway: This trip starts in Olympic Park in Washington and weaves through Big Sur, San Francisco, and finally San Diego. Experience logging communities, mountains, beaches, and tons of historic sites. As a note, the road has narrow shoulders and sharp drop-offs in places, which might be challenging for RVs to maneuver. See several resources for the Pacific Coast Highway trip, here.

BlueRidgeBlue Ridge Parkway: See Virginia and North Carolina on this scenic, historic trip through the Appalachian Mountains. The route runs 469 miles through 29 beautiful counties, and is the most visited unit in the National Parks systems. Commissioned by President Roosevelt, the route took 52 years to complete. Plan your trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway, here.

10-Santa-Monica-PierRoute 66: We cannot forget the romantic trip of Route 66, winding 2,000 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles. The route cuts through a fantastic part of the nation, past the Grand Canyon, desserts of the South West, and through St. Louis. Known for it’s quirkiness, diners, hotels, statues and tourist attractions line the route.  Find the perfect trip along Route 66, here.

 (Image Credits: The Carefree Traveler, Wandrly Magazine, UTNE Reader)