New Beginnings – Strive Becomes GoStrive!

StriveEditsYou may have noticed some changes around here lately. We knew you were sharp!

Over the last few months, we’ve had to make some big decisions regarding our name. After lots of discussion, brainstorming, and a tear or two – we’ve reemerged. Strive is now GoStrive.

Why, you ask? For a few reasons:

Inspiring Action!
GoStrive is just as the word intends, a verb! We love the thought of inspiring you into action and activity with our app. Seriously though, get out there and have some fun! We’re here to help you find it. It’s up to you to GO.

Internet & Trademark Space
You’d think the internet is a pretty big place, right? Not always. We’ve found that the name ‘Strive’ has already been claimed. We want to make sure you can find us every time, without any interruptions. That’s why we claimed GoStrive in each of these places:

When you are ready update your website with our new logo, head on over to our Dropbox. You’ll find all sorts of graphics and logos to use on your website, email newsletters and social media.