Little League

This blog is the second in the “My Favorite Parks and Recreation Memory” series. At GoStrive, we have a passion for all things Parks and Recreation. We all have fond memories that range from participating as children, coaching others, to spectating our children as they participate in a Parks and Recreation program. Dan Fink is the Marketing Coordinator at GoStrive. His fondest Parks and Recreation memory involves baseball and meeting friends in a new town.

The summer before seventh grade, my family and I moved into a new house, in an entirely new town. As a middle schooler, this was the equivalent of the end of the world. I left my friends, my school, neighborhood, and home behind. It felt like everything was changing, and I was anxious at the thought of having to start over in a new town.


My parents thought it would be a good idea to sign me up for Little League. They wanted me to make new friends before the school year started. I agreed with some hesitation. It had been a year or two since I last played, but it came back naturally. I realized that of all the things that changed when we moved that summer, my love for playing baseball had not.

I played Triple A Little League baseball that summer through the Ashwaubenon Parks and Recreation. Being completely new to the league landed me at the bottom of the batting order. Everything was new to me, from the coaches, to the players, and the fields – I knew no one and nothing – except how to play. My team maters were friendly, but it never really felt like they took me under their wing, until one game. This is my favorite parks and recreation memory.

Towards the end of one particularly bad game, it was finally my turn to bat. We were down by 4, with the bases loaded, in the fifth inning. It was up to me to rally the team back to a winning position.

We were playing one of the better teams in the league, known for their pitching and fielding skills. The outfielders moved closer towards the infield, preparing for a ground out. The first pitch was fouled out. The next pitch was a bit outside, but as a left-handed batter, I managed to pull it to right field. The ball soared right over the 6’3’’ right fielder’s head, and all the way to the fence.

It was a triple! The score now was 7 to 6, and my teammates were buzzing with excitement as we closed in on a tight win. The next batter hit a single, and I ran to home plate to tie the game. My team was cheering from the dugout, and it was high-fives all around. By the sixth inning we had the game locked down as a win.

That was the first game that I really felt like part of the team. I left the season to start the school year with many new friends, and lots of great memories.

DanFink BB2