Group Exercise Classes To Try in 2014

By Jessica Cady-Bartholomew
Fitness & Wellness Specialist at Madison School & Community Recreation

When it comes to fitness, I have three requirements: make me sweat, make me laugh, make me feel good all over.  It is very easy to get stuck in a rut and just keep going back to that same 5:00 Spin class – you know it, it’s comfortable and it’s okay. The trouble is that class becomes routine and kind of boring. Then you stop seeing results or find reasons to skip.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.26.43 PMThis year, I challenge you to make fitness the highlight of your day and check out at least one of the amazingly fun, crazy and wild classes the fitness world is throwing at us in 2014. It may be a flash in the pan, but who cares? You’re moving, you’re expanding your horizons and you’ll have new backgrounds for selfies.  You might even find a new favorite workout.

Here are my top group exercise recommendations for 2014!

DO IT #1: JUMP ON THINGS You know you saw this video and totally wanted to join in. Trampolines are back, baby.  I don’t know if it’s a trend or a fad, but jumping is one of my favorite activities which makes bouncing around at SKY ZONE a top priority for this summer!

DO IT #2: RANDOM RUNNING AROUND  (professionally filed under the category “functional movement”). I’ve logged those long, long miles to tick 26.2 off the bucket list. One and done for this girl! Today’s running trends are more than one foot in front of the other.  We’re talking jumping over things, hanging off things, crawling through things, and maybe nicking a little skin off the knees and elbows making MOVNAT and PARKOUR completely essential for 2014.

DO IT #3: DITCH THE GYM & BE SOCIAL  No more gym rat days. No more jamming headphones in and never glancing at another soul. No more staring at the television while you ride the elliptical. Get outdoors and feel the energy of a lively and social fitness environment with NOVEMBER PROJECT.

DO IT #4: RELEASE YOUR INNER BALLERINA Barres are still hot this year. No tutu required. Check out LeBarre this summer for a total booty blast.

DO IT #5: ANYTHING (Nay, EVERYTHING!) SURF INSPIRED There is a good chance that I have overdosed on Polar Vortex, but anything reminiscent of sunshine and water should be on your list including SurfSet, IndoBoard Yoga and SUP Yoga.

DO IT #6: MAKE SOME NOISE  Wanna rock out while you workout? Yes, please.  POUND is currently my favorite stress busting workout. Sweat, music, beating drum sticks on the floor, plus loads of lunges and squats…what’s not to love?

What workouts are you hoping to try this spring? Download GoStrive to find classes and activities happening near you!