Get Started Checklist

GoStriveWebBadgeSo your program guide is live on GoStrive, now what? It’s time to spread the word, and get your community using the app! Here are four really easy steps to get your staff and customers up to speed.

1. Update your website. Add the GoStrive information and badge to your website.

2. Get schooled. Watch this 2-minute video about editing and updating your events in GoStrive (If you use RecDesk, skip this step!). If you want additional training or assistance acclimating yourself to the app and the Activity Manager, please let us know.

3. Train your staff. Let them know that your organization is using the app, especially your receptionist! Have your staff download the app to their mobile device, set up a profile, and search for an event put on by your organization. How quickly can they find a youth soccer event?

4. Shout it from the rooftop! Download the GoStrive Marketing Toolkit for a bunch of marketing resources at your fingertips. We suggest using these pieces first :

    • Include a quick blurb about us in your email or printed newsletter
    • Send a few tweets and a Facebook update about GoStrive

Ready for more? Send a quick email to our Marketing Director, we’ve got a hundred and one other ideas for spreading the word about using the app to reach your community members.