Why GoStrive? We believe in empowering community members by providing them easy access to programs, activities, and events in your community. It is our mission to create stronger and healthier communities through access to your organization’s activities. With 322 million active smartphone users in the United States, we believe the most effective way to achieve this is through a user-friendly mobile application.

How do I get my activities uploaded to GoStrive?
Getting your activities on GoStrive is a snap. Simply provide us with your website URL, here.

What if I do not expedite my agency or provide my program guide?
Our team will gather your event information from your program guide manually, and it will be added to the app. This process will take our team longer. If you would like your program information to appear in the app sooner, please expedite your agency by providing your program guide or URL .

How much does it cost to display my activities on GoStrive?
For NRPA Members, it’s completely free! Really.

Can my organization take registrations through GoStrive?
We display your events, and participants are prompted with a button in the app to register on your website.

We can also take registrations and provide real-time inventory control. We’ll need to plug into your current software registration system. To get more information on integration, click here.

How can I manage my activities; change a location or price, etc.?
As a GoStrive agency, your organization will have access to the GoStrive Activity Manager. We’ll grant you and your team members permission to create, edit, and manage the details for each of your programs. Ready to see the GoStrive Activity Manager? Request a 15 minute demo from our team.

What features are available on GoStrive Mobile Program Guide?
GoStrive Mobile Program Guide offers your community members easy access to the details of your organization’s events, programs, and activities virtually anywhere with our mobile app. Download the app and check out what Madison, WI is doing by searching zip code 53709.

Do I really need an app for my organization?
Did you know that there are 322 million smartphone users in the United States? Today more than ever, consumers are expecting an easy and fluid mobile experience. We’d love to help your organization go mobile with GoStrive. Here are a few more stats about mobile usage in the United States.

How will my community know about GoStrive?
When you’re ready to get the word out, download the GoStrive Marketing Toolkit. We’ve created a variety of materials for your website, email newsletters, blog, and social media channels! It is up to you to spread the word about GoStrive in your community, and we’d love to help anyway we can. Contact our marketing team here with questions.

Can I post information about GoStrive on our website?
We would love that! All of the materials can be found in the GoStrive Marketing Toolkit. Access the GoStrive Marketing Toolkit here.

What do you do with the information that you collect on GoStrive?
Our privacy policy limits the use of customer information to providing and improving parks and recreation program offerings. We will always take privacy of your community members seriously.

Have another question? Email us!