Break It to the Park

It has approached that time of year when days grow longer and temperatures get higher, thus spring is upon us. There are many celebrations that are looked forward to by many each spring like Easter, May Day and Arbor Day, but there is one “holiday” that every child is looking forward to: spring break. This week-long vacation is seen for some as a chance to take a tropical vacation, and for others to catch up on on their sleep. But this spring break, our gostrive team encourages your family to get active and go play in the park nearest to you with one of these five fun family activities:

meditation-609235_12801. Yoga: Unite your mind, body, and spirit with yoga. From beginner to advanced, yoga classes not only provide a great physical workout, but also allow for much needed relaxation. Yoga is an activity that can be performed at any age, and each pose’s unique structure will provide physical and spiritual benefits. For children, animal yoga is a great activity that provides the same benefits as traditional yoga, but in a fun activity. For more information, visit:


2. Cycling: Cycling can be a leisure activity, an intense physical sport and everything in between. Not to mention the physical benefits of cycling are endless! They include: improved posture and coordination, increased cardiovascular health and improved mobility. Cycling is also form of travel, so those heading to a tropical destination can get active in a new park and enjoy an amazing view all-in-one.


volleyball-77384_12803. Sand Volleyball: Let’s go to the beach! Sand volleyball is a great activity to add to your vacation list, as it provides fun for the entire family. Teams can range from two to six players, and the added element of sand arranges for hours of laughs. Serve, pass, spike and dig your way to an active afternoon with family and friends.


inline-skating-226805_12804. Rollerblading: Put away the winter skates and break out the rollerblades! This urban activity can be performed anywhere, and makes for a tremendous amount of family fun. Explore the park nearest to you in an active way by using these “transportation” skates



dragons-421889_12805. Fly a Kite: Grab a hill and a breeze and you have all the ingredients for a great afternoon of kite flying. Flying a kite is not only a bonding activity for families, but it can also give children an important lesson in physics! The exciting choice of color, style and location to fly your kite gets the entire family involved in this exciting activity.


There we have it, an entire week of family fun that is accessible from any location. So this spring break, visit the park near you and get active. Remember, every day is a great day to go play!

Rachel Tripp, gostrive team member

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