Alarming Statistics For Parks and Recreation

ProragisThe National Recreation and Park Association recently released their PRORAGIS annual report, and it took us a little by surprise. Have you had a chance to dig into it yet?

Here are a few things that stood out to us:

  • $31: The 2011 median program fee per participant
  • $9: The 2013 median program fee per participant
  • 44.5%: The percentage of direct revenue resulting from programs and class fees

Can Parks and Recreation agencies afford to discount their programs any further?
The answer is no.

Ready for a few more statistics?

  • 56% of Americans own 1 or more smartphones*
  • In the 18-34 demographic, 80% have smartphones*
  • 21% of phone owners use their devices as their primary way of accessing the Internet**
  • 75% of African Americans and 68% of non-white Hispanics are going online with their devices**

Mobile is becoming harder and harder to ignore. What is your organization doing to serve smartphone users?

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* More Than Half Of Us Have Smartphones – Forbes
** Study: Mobile Web Use Has Doubled Since 2009 – CNN Tech