5 About GoStrive

You’re new here, right? Welcome!Screenshot1

GoStrive is the simplest way to find out what is happening in your community. It’s a mobile app that is free to download and use. The app is available for iPhone or Android devices.

Tips for getting the most out of GoStrive:

  • Search Like Crazy – GoStrive gives you powerful search options – find events by facility, location, and category. Search what is nearest to you, or far far away. Add new locations to your profile, a neighboring community or vacation destination!

  • Get the Details – Find everything you need to know about the program with one tap. We’ve got the all details – date, location, instructor, program description, and the number of available participant seats. If there are updates – we’ll send them straight to you.

  • Ready, Set, Sign Up! – Found the perfect event? Sign up for it right in the app! Creating a GoStrive profile makes signing up easier than ever before!

  • Invite Others – Now comes the fun part. Share your activity on Facebook and Twitter – get your friends involved! Create memories that last a lifetime.

  • Get Directions – There’s no time for confusion on the day of the event. GoStrive helps you find your way to the event with turn-by-turn directions.

Looking for more? Explore a bit more within the app, there’s a bunch to discover in your community and beyond. If you aren’t seeing any search results, we may not be available in your area just yet. Feel free to reach out to your local Parks and Recreation agency – tell them you want GoStrive!

Connect with us! We made GoStrive just for you, and we want your thoughts and feedback. Drop us a line anytime, hello@gostrive.com. You can also find us here: